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About Yamen Alhaj

Yamen Alhaj

Hi! I am Yamen H. Alhaj

I was born on March 9th 1985 in Jordan’s Jewel of the Red Sea, Aqaba. I obtained my Jordanian high school degree (Tawjihi) from Rosary Sisters School in my birthplace, with a GPA of 79.6%. I graduated from the University of Jordan in 2009 with a “good” rated BA in Computer Information Systems.

My native language is Arabic, but I also possess very good skills in English, including speaking, reading and writing. I'm a hard-worker and fast learner who enjoys team work and can work incredibly well under pressure!

My job (and lifetime passion) is to design and develop one-of-a-kind web pages using a multitude of tools; ranging from Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 and Valid XHTML to CSS and JavaScript to jQuery. I use ASP.Net VB based and PHP for developing.

My knowledge extends to include skills in Microsoft SQL server 2005 database and MySQL, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for image editing, Pinnacle and ULead Packages for video editing. I also possess outstanding expertise in Adobe Flash CS4 designing and developing; including ActionScript (2.0 , 3.0), XML and RSS feeds, dynamic flashes and widgets, integration with Web services and APIs, Adobe Air and Mobile Apps .I Also have experience in SEO and Google Analytics to track the user's Interaction on web pages , extra knowledge in Ad servers such as Google Ad Manager and DoubleClick also I'm good in social media management .

During my dedicated and continuous efforts to obtain my university degree, I worked as a Designer and Flash Developer in a design company called “Jaguar” from 2003 till December 2008. In February 2009, I have joined the online Arabic community “Jeeran” and started as a Junior User Interface and Flash Developer, and due to my exceptional skills and dedication I got rapidly promoted to Mid-Career level only three months later! and after 6 months I got the Senior Level !!!

I have keen interest in joining a company that can offer me an opportunity for professional growth and development, along with an environment that values team work and appreciates hard-working and creative employees (like me!).

Skills Graphic


  • Adobe Flash CS4 Designing and Development ( ActionScript 2.0 / 3.0 , XML and RSS feed )( Dynamic flashes and Widgets )( Adobe AIR ) (Flash Lite - Mobile Standalone Applications).
  • User Interface Development (Valid XHTML, CSS2.0, Javascript and jQuery )
  • Web Development ( ASP.NET with VB , PHP/Drupal , PHP/Wordpress)
  • Image Processing And Video Editing ( Adobe Photoshop ,Adobe Illustrator ,Pinnacle ,ULead Packges)
  • Google Analytics , Google Ad Manager , OpenX , Doubleclick
  • Facebook Applications development
  • Social Media Management

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Contact Information

phone icon +962796632266 +966561648484
address icon Jeddah , KSA
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